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Case Study 1

Student Gap Year

I was once tasked with protecting a teenage girl, while on her gap year travelling in Asia.

Her parents thought long and hard about the freedom expected of a teenage daughter, but also the possible dangers. A balance was decided, and I was brought in to shadow the daughter during her trip of a lifetime.

Her parents were at ease knowing their beloved daughter was enjoying her trip, and also that she was safe. My experience enabled me to keep a watchful eye from a distance. In this instance, my client's daughter did know I was there, and we had all discussed it at great length.

It is important to remember that a Close Protection Officer is not there just to open car doors, and usher photographers out of the way. An intelligent Bodyguard will be conducting safety checks behind the scenes.

An example of this, is when my principal booked an internal flight somewhere in eastern Asia, on a very low budget small airline. I was able to talk to the company, view the aircraft, check service records and research their safety record with the relevant government department. All was safe on this occasion, and I did not have to step in and change my principal's travelling plans.

Another example was when my principal wanted to go diving. I was able to visit the dive school, check the equipment they would be using, make sure the instructors were qualified and also discuss their risk assessment. Again, all was okay, and I was confident my principal was going to have a great, safe, memorable experience.

In my experience, once I have identified myself to an airline or a dive school, they are more than happy to help. If they are not, then that's a good indication of their questionable professionalism, and I will cancel any bookings with them.

My last example is regarding mosquito nets. Getting a teenager to use one properly is difficult enough, but getting them to check their net every day for damage is impossible. It's understandable that checking a mosquito net every day is not high on an excited teenager's to-do list. So one of my daily tasks was to meticulously check the nets for holes or rips. It only takes one mosquito carrying the malaria virus to cause tragedy.

So you see, potential danger is everywhere, and reducing those risks with due diligence is my job.