David with skid test car
David with LRAD
David with police van
Hello. My name is David.

I am a mature, experienced Close Protection Officer.
Often referred to as a Bodyguard.

I am available for long or short-term assignments, worldwide.

Fully licensed.

I am fully licensed by the British Home Office, having gone through a rigorous vetting and qualification process to ensure you of my credentials.

My roles.

My roles have been various, from protecting aid convoys and NGO personnel in conflict zones, to chaperoning young actors and singers during times of high media and fan attention. I am equally at home in black tie or combats.

Why use an Independent Bodyguard?

Using an Independent Bodyguard offers you a personal and flexible approach to your security requirements. Furthermore, confidentiality can be assured at all times during and, indeed, after an assignment.

I continually strive to maintain my versatile approach to my client's needs at all times.


People are venturing and exploring in ever more dangerous destinations, be it on safari, on an Amazon adventure, or just shopping in New York. I can accompany them in a role that suits them, be it at a watchful distance or as a travelling companion.

Additionally, my experience in the industry enables me to help and support people that find themselves thrust into the limelight at a time when they may feel vulnerable in front of fan or media attention.

I am aware that my appearance and attitude will be observed, and I am confident that I can be an ambassador for you.